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About Black Apple Hard Cider

Recognized as #4 of the Top 10 Cideries in the US 

Our journey began in the summer of 2014 when three cider enthusiasts—Leo Orpin, Trey Holt, and John Handley—joined forces with a dream of producing incredible hard cider and opening the first cidery in the natural state. They stumbled upon an 8,000 sqft building (give or take) in Springdale, AR, thinking it would simply be a distribution center. But, the community fell head over heels for Black Apple Cider, and our taproom was born.

We started off with four OG ciders, including the fan favorites Dry Guy (now Dry Me!).

In 2017, we took the show on the road and began to distribute kegs. The cider magic couldn’t be contained, and by the end of 2018, we introduced our first can,  Hibiscus, with Blueberry soon after.

Fast forward to 2020, when our cans expanded their reach beyond Arkansas, making sure everyone gets a taste of Black Apple’s refreshing goodness. We’re like cider crusaders, spreading joy one can at a time. Even in the face of challenges, like a certain global pandemic (we won’t name any names), we rose to the occasion, saving the day (and our cider) with resilience and a little help from our friends.

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The Black Apple Difference
Wanna know what makes Black Apple truly special? We want you to sip and savor with confidence, knowing that each cider is crafted with care.

We Keep It Real.
Our ciders are naturally gluten-free, with no sulfites or preservatives added. We’re all about transparency, highlighting potential common allergens such as lactose (which is pretty rare, by the way). We also share our nutritional panel and ingredient list on every can!

We Take Ingredients Seriously.
Since the beginning, we've taken ingredients very seriously. That’s why we source as much as we can from as close as we can. Arkansas peaches. Ozark apples. Farm-fresh blackberries. We care about the people who make your cider – from the farmer to the glass.

We Bring the Flavor.
It's not just apples anymore. Our cider crafters are scientists by trade. Their constant tinkering and innovation have led to magical flavors. Orange and hops? Pineapple and Carolina Reaper Pepper? The possibilities are endless.

We Get Recognized.
We're not the only ones who know that our cider rocks. Our ciders have won countless local and international awards, including being ranked #4 out of the Top 10 Cideries in the Nation, because we’re just so darn good.

Cider Made the Hard Way.

So, how do we create our cider masterpieces? 

It all starts with blending apple juice, setting the stage for fermentation. We let the yeast work its magic, transforming sugars into alcohol. 

Once fermentation is complete, we give our cider a cold crash for that extra clarity we know you love. 

Then, it’s time for flavor blending, carbonation, and an overnight chill session. Finally, our ciders are packaged in kegs or cans and ready to be shared.


Whether you’re at the Black Apple taproom or buying a pack of Black Apple Hard Cider, you can trust us to be totally transparent about what’s in your drink.

All of our products are naturally gluten-free, with no sulfites or preservatives added. In addition, we use natural flocculation and temperature for clarification rather than a chemical or mechanical filter process.

The only non-vegan products we offer are those that include honey.

Our facility also holds hops and lactose that are sometimes used in small-batch ciders made in our taproom.

If you are looking for a vegan and lactose-free cider, our taproom crew will happily identify those ciders for you. You can also find our nutrition label and ingredient list on each of our products.

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